Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The interfaith Dialogue (debate)-2

Now the issue is where to start the dialogue/debate from, because both religions do not agree with each other before even if they start to talk. First the Christians believe that the Prophet of Islam was not a Prophet and never was and the Muslims don’t believe that Jesus Christ is a Son of God, so it is just a non starter to the whole dialogue/debate. How can you have a dialogue/debate when each party refuses to even acknowledge the most fundamental beliefs of the respective religions? And before even we start on this path, we should have an interfaith dialogue/debate especially among Muslims because they are the most disorganized over certain aspects of Islam. Instead uniting on one front, they have their different versions of Islam and thus are unable to start any dialogue/debate among themselves what to talk about with other religions. If you start digging deeper into different Muslims sects, you will understand my point. And it is easy to say that you want to have an interfaith dialogue than to see that what little understanding you have of your own religions with as many interpretations of it as there are sects (for the curious there are 73 sects in Islam with as many variations and interpretations of what really happened about 1400 years in Arabia). And if are unable to agree on a unified platform on things that you agree how can you expect other religions to understand you when you are also killing in the name of your religion other Muslims whom you think are not Muslim enough for you according to your own narrow interpretations of the religion.

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