Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The world does not work on U.S. standard time

I wrote an article long time ago regarding a world out there besides the U.S. but due to our busy schedule and vastness of our country, we don’t feel that much connected to the outside world. And here I am again writing about it. As I work in the financial industry (AND NO, I DON’T MAKE MUCH MONEY, BUT I HAVE A JOB) and work with various countries around the world. I also wrote about how different cultures have different work ethics, which does not mean that they are lazy or don’t care but they work on their own schedule. It is just that there is not that much urgency on their part and this is what I keep on telling me that if we are in a hurry to do something and have done it as fast as possible, we should not expect other people outside the U.S. to work on our schedule. And this the people working in time sensitive industries just forget. I have been to other countries and work there too and they are generally more relaxed and not in a hurry to do things. Although they take their time to do things but you never know what is holding up things in other places. Remember not everybody has the same laws as the U.S. and you need to be patient when dealing with overseas customers. Gentle reminders are fine but to be bullying and aggressive just because your customer in the U.S. wants to get the things done their way and on their time would not cut it in other countries and may even cause resentment. So if you are going to do business outside the U.S. you should be mindful and considerate of other people's culture and habits and way of doing work by doing some research or analysis so that you don’t get stressed out when it comes to time to dealing with them.

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