Friday, January 31, 2014

The violence in Nigeria

As if there is not enough violence in the world, we have this ongoing violence in Nigeria for a long time now. As you know Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with the second biggest economy due to oil production. But its population has a toxic mix of several ethnic communities and also equally divided into Muslim and Christian religions. And because of this, there has always been violence sometimes on a grand scale but mostly on a smaller one. But with the introduction of an extremist group called "Boko Haram" roughly translated into western education is forbidden, the violence has reached to high levels. It has attacked not only government forces but people within its own Muslim religion whom they think are not "Islamists enough" (whatever that means) and despite all the counter offensive against them by government forces, they keep on hitting back on soft targets like schools or villages not entirely secured. Although this extremist group thankfully have not extended their scope and violence beyond Nigeria and there are no reports out there suggesting that they have swear their allegiance to Al-Qaeda. But this can quickly change as Al-Qaeda seeks a foothold in the African Largest country and the Nigerian extremist group gaining international exposure through their allegiance to Al-Qaeda. My father was offered long time ago to head a bank branch in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, but I told him to reject that transfer since I had read already about the violence happening there. Not to put a country in a negative light but the truth is violence keeps on rising in that country and unless the government reigns in the violence, it will just escalate and become internationalized.

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