Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The legalization of Pot-2

For the gay marriage, it took years to come to becoming legalized and it is not even in all states but with this marijuana it seems like it is going on a fast track with New Jersey thinking along the lines of Colorado. And by making it legal many people who love it have either moved there or go there occasionally to get their fix, not to mention the medicinal marijuana. I cannot say anything about medicinal marijuana people since I don’t know how their loved ones are in pain and how it helps but for recreational reasons to make marijuana legal I am not for it. Although making it legal will make the job of law enforcement much easier and put less burden on our legal system but would all the states follow it through and how it is to be ensured that only marijuana is to be sold and not other drugs. Would you be able to buy as much as possible at one time and where it is going to be sold, what kind of stores can say in their ads that marijuana is being sold here. Does a pharmacy have more right to sell it than the stores like grocery stores or your local newsstand? Would the U.S. allow import of marijuana into the U.S. and who will regulate the quality of it? And the biggest question is have we really lost the war on drugs or just the appetite to wage a war. What happened to the slogan “Say no to drugs”.

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