Friday, January 24, 2014

Clusters of Similarity-2

But I guess it may be due to the fact that people have not completely assimilated into the societies which they have migrated to or the native people have not completely accepted them into their communities. It is mostly a sense of safety as the expression says united we stand and divided we fall, but it is also a sense to preserve the way of life that the immigrants had in their native countries and sometimes instill that culture in their offspring. But being concentrated in one area does not do justice to the kids that are born in a society that they are more familiar with. If you keep on putting kids in a neighborhood just because you believe that your culture is superior to others, you are setting up yourself for disaster. I used to live in an ethnically mixed area a few years ago but then I moved in an area where the population is more than 96 percent white. But do you believe I am afraid to be between all the people who are not like me and does not share my culture or religion or other things. Not at all, I lived in Muslims and Non Muslims countries and never lived among majority areas. I am just comfortable with that and even secretly likes it since the more you are into your own ethnicity, the more the good and the bad things crop up during your interactions. The good things are really good, it is the bad things that ruin your relationship. I am not even afraid that in case of emergency nobody of my own kind will come for my help.

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