Monday, January 6, 2014

Come clean Pakistan about Bangladesh

(Warning: Controversial topic. Reader discretion is advised). I was also in the dark about what happened to one of the South Asia tragic war in 1971 which resulted in the formation of Bangladesh out of Pakistan. No history books have been clearly written about it and the curriculum being taught in Pakistan has never told the story let alone the partial story about how East Pakistan became Bangladesh. I was kept in the dark for a long time but since I never was in Pakistan when the so called war of independence was happening in East Pakistan but I still remember the news cast overseas where they were showing what was happening in East Pakistan. And still now generation after generation have been told that it was India that conspired with the Bangladeshis to separate the eastern part from the Western Part (the present Pakistan) without acknowledging their own complexity in the issue and even hiding it and saying that they were innocent in the creation of the debacle in East Pakistan. Recently the head of the main Islamist party in Bangladesh was executed for this war crimes, although it was 40 years late, Pakistani Government came out with its condemnation of the execution stating that the person was executed due to his love of Pakistan and his support of a united Pakistan. No mention was ever said about his crime and what Pakistan did in that war and so again the world missed out as usual with what actually happened during the war, the causes, the reasons etc.

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