Friday, January 3, 2014

The fifth anniversary of my Father’s death

Today is the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing away and leaving me permanently sad and devastated. I still remember the time coincidentally the same hour of today January 3, 2009 at 6.50 P.M when I came back from my office and was still on the computer when a call came from Pakistan. Not knowing what it was but just a routine call, I picked up and my elder sister told me that my DAD passed away and the story has ended. And from that time on, I kept on crying and crying, I spoke to my mother and I said that I will be there as soon as possible. Since it was Friday and I had to inform my office (since I was working as a temp) I could not just leave and not inform them. I had no visas and no airline tickets and hence on started I got both and was on my way on Tuesday to visit my dad. Although five years have passed and I still feel his presence and during the past year I have seen him numerous times in my dreams and only one time he was old and all the other times he was young and talking to me. This is my only regret that I was unable to attend his funeral. But he is and will remain in my heart and I pray for his soul daily and Keep his memory alive with this post every year. I miss him so much and it is such a loss that nobody else can fill this void in my life. I wish I could see him again but that is not humanly possible. Even passing of so many years does not diminish his memories or his smile or his presence and it is hard for me to know that I can never see him again in this world. May he rest in peace and smile on his family as we keep on praying for his soul. I love you DAD.

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