Sunday, January 19, 2014

The living choices-2

My view of living near a mountain or mountainous retreat is a desire to have peace and quiet along with less traffic and just enjoy what is there in the wilderness so to speak. For me the beach is just water and you cannot explore very deep and you need a boat to do that too and if you are in the middle of nowhere but water everywhere that is really frightening. Other thing is that miles and miles of ocean in front of your house just gives me the impression that what if the area of water just decides to stand up and come crushing down your beach area like it happened in Hurricane Sandy. Well that is a bit harsh but nobody expected it to happen but it did and people are still reeling from the aftermath of it. Although you can get landslides on the mountains too, but it is just the allure to seeing wilderness beauty and long tracts of uninhibited land that draws me to it. I don’t know about other people and many people will disagree with me but going to the mountains is very much a fun trip for me. I usually go the Adirondack mountain areas of New York, the largest state park in the United States and the breathtaking views and quiet winding down road is so much serene and captivating that words cannot explain. The beauty of waking up to fresh air and quietness with the birds chirping and sweeping views and no traffic to worry about is what draws me there. Maybe if you can see from my point of view then you would understand my logic but that is my living choice.

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