Friday, January 24, 2014

Clusters of Similarity

You know I could have chosen a different name for this topic but I thought why not give my spin on it. If you have heard the expression "birds of a feather flock together" you would see where I am going with this. The expression that I have mentioned is about similar people staying together for a similar cause or in a similar neighborhood so that they either feel safe or feel familiarity with their surroundings. If you see or drive around certain neighborhoods you will find that most if not all the neighborhoods around have been designated as an ethnic or non ethnic areas. Sometimes they are called little Italy or Little Tokyo, India town or Korea town or a neighborhood where there are majority of minorities or of a certain race. And it is not only confined in the United States but all over the world wherever there are minorities, you will always find these clusters of similarity. Why do people or businesses create these areas? For once people tend to gravitate towards a locality where they feel that the people of that area speak their language or are of particular religion or ethnicity and they would either feel safer or want to maintain ties to their homelands and raise their kids with multicultural identity. Seeing familiar faces that that you have seen all your lives makes you have a sense of belonging to that group. I don’t know about this but it must be human nature to stay with people of your own kind.

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