Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Another year have passed and we are in the year 2014, in a separate article I will describe the main events of the year 2013 but in the post I just wanted to wish my readers a very Happy and Prosperous year ahead as I continue to write about interesting topics and I am not sure right now but if I write something on some controversial or adult related topic, I will post a warning so that people can decide for themselves if they want to go ahead and read it. Please note that your comments are highly appreciated and welcomed and if I get financial support for my blog then it is surety that I will surpass my goal of last year which was the best I had since I started my blog four years ago. I was able to reach my target of 2000 articles and even surpassed it by more than 80 articles which I am proud of. So for my New Year tasks regarding my blog, I want to have more hits and for that I need your help as you can definitely spread the word around and send articles from my blogs to your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. And financial support in the shape of donations would certainly be welcome as that will determine if I can reach another milestone in my blogging that to reach the goal of 3000 articles by the end of this year which I believe is a tall order but again if financial support is available I will be able to definitely reach it. So thank you once again for your support in reading my blog and I hope to keep on entertaining you in the year ahead.

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