Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I can't be a politician or a diplomat?

That is the question I want to talk about since I write and maintain a blog and I have so much diversified opinion about so many issues that it is will be natural for me to run for office. Right? No absolutely wrong. It is because of this same reason that I cannot be a politician or a diplomat. As you know being a politician or a diplomat is not an easy job. Let’s start with a politician, even if you think that you will be speaking the truth about something, your advisers may think otherwise and may try to manipulate the wording so that you are halfway between truth and a lie. And since you need to get the votes you will try to do exactly that. You see a politician cannot or will not tell the truth as is since he/she would not be able to get the votes need to get elected. She/he has to lie a bit so that he can get away with it till he/she is elected and then you can claim innocence when your lie or half truth is discovered. You know people want to elect angels as politician with no major or even mistakes throughout their lives but when their vulnerabilities come to surface then they say that they are either only human and we should forgive them for their past deeds or the politicians should resign because they lied to them. For example, what politician that you know would say that social security should be curtailed or the Medicaid or Medicare should be abolished and we should definitely reduce out defense budget?

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