Monday, January 6, 2014

Come clean Pakistan about Bangladesh-2

All we know that Pakistani forces number around 90,000 soldiers surrendered to the Indian Forces around the fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971 and this is all the history that is ever taught in the books of Pakistan Studies in schools. The only people get blamed are the Indians and the civilian government of that time. Nobody wants to dig up dead bodies and find out what is their fault. It is as if nothing happened and the government and also some influential people don’t want people of Pakistan to know what happened in the supposedly darkest hour of that country’s history. It is just shameful that half the country separated and most or even all of the new generation does not know who the culprit was or who did what and what kind of atrocities each side did to each other. Not even a glimmer of information has been officially put out by the government relating the news about the breakup of their country. There was a report commissioned by the government long time ago about the causes that led to the separation of the country but it was shelved and only was surfaced when it was leaked on the internet. Some say that more than 3 million people were killed although some say only 200k to 300k killed. Irrespective of the number of killings, isn’t it time the government of Pakistan come out with the truth of this war instead of ignoring it. Both sides of the war committed atrocities and ignoring your own side while highlighting the others is not fair. It is now time for the government of Pakistan to tell the truth about what happened in 1971 war of independence of Bangladesh and if they did something wrong should apologize to the people of Bangladesh as they are also brothers in faith as claimed by Pakistan.

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  1. 1 geography 2 competancy of pakistani rulers (who in their neforious designs don't even back out from getting their peole killed and compromising national interest),are the two main reasons of seperation of bangladesh and then backing out from original promises e.g Mr.Jinnah said that for 6 months karachi and 6 months dhaka would be the capital and other such deprivation of rights contributed aswell.but we must not forget that bangladeshis laid down their lives fighting for pakistani army in 71 war.