Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Choice of Natural disasters-2

So if you had a choice, what kind of natural disaster you want to be caught in where you can escape with your life. I have been in typhoon, hurricane, earth quakes, cold and heat but not the others mentioned above and I have seen on the television that each kind of disasters can cause. It is strictly my opinion that earth quakes are the only ones where I don’t want to be no matter which advanced country I am in. I mean every kind of natural disasters that I have witnessed have a warning system but for the earth quake there is none and you can stuck by it at any time and usually any place. Although when the earth quake is going to occur, you can observe the animals being restless and trying to run away from it but for the human beings, they have not yet developed any mechanism similar to other natural disasters which can alert people to run away before hand. Although scientists have been studying fault lines under the earth to see which can move but they have been unable to yet determine at what time that would have. For examples sometimes they cite some area to say that they are way overdue for an earthquake which can be like several decades but they are unable to let us know why they are guessing it that way. But they don’t know what is due date because nobody has been able to precisely pinpoint where the next earthquake would be.

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