Thursday, January 9, 2014

A better place?

I guess you have listen to these words many times in your while attending a funeral, watching a movie or condoling with somebody for the loss of their loved ones. You will always hear this expression like he/she was a good person and sometimes had lots of trouble in life but now they are in a better place. So what is a better place? If they mean by heaven or some other place then they are right where there are no worries to go to work in the morning, get your performance update, take care of your families, pay your bills on time, worry about how to pay your bills, looking for a job, studying in a school, trying to stay out of trouble, maintain relationships with your relatives, neighbors, friends and the list goes on, but how do you know they are really in a better place? Is it really in your own mind or you have been told that it is so? And since we don’t know anything about what happens when a person dies and goes into a grave, how do we know that person is really in a better place or a place worse than here. Not to offend anyone but we hope that the dead person is in a better place since it is hard to imagine or think that the person is going to a place far worse than here where you are unable to control your own destiny since you have already chosen your destiny in this world and just are awaiting results of your deeds (good and bad) in the hereafter (if you believe in it). So we can only imagine they are in a better place unless otherwise witnessed or informed otherwise.

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