Monday, January 6, 2014

The wish list

I know that everybody has a wish list. It maybe a short wish list or a long one but everybody does have one. Like on Christmas and other festivities in other religions kids have their wish list that they want their parents and relatives to fulfill. And not only kids but even grownups have wish lists which are more expensive and sometimes take more time to fulfill. As you grow up your wish list also changes. Little kids like toys and big people like big toys but their wish list also includes wishes for their kids and their sibling kids and other wishes. Sometimes the wish list is just exclusively for them to know and they pray that GOD will grant them their wishes just not right away. Nowadays the biggest wish on your list must be winning big lottery jackpot so that you may be able to fulfill the little wishes that are on your list. My wish list includes travelling around the world, seeing more countries, trying to be better human being, not curse too much (I am sometimes bad at that but not always), make a lot of money (don’t we all have that wish?), maybe have a startup in the future, but if only I can have lot of money I can fulfill nearly all my wishes which sometimes I don’t wish to mention in my blog (too personal for that). And sometimes your wishes does not come true and you regret later in life that if I could at least have that wish fulfilled than it would have been much better. But you know your wish list is never fulfilled because once you have fulfilled one wish another one crops up or you add it and you leave this world without ever completing your wish list.

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