Monday, January 6, 2014


Every time something tragic happens, scammers are out there with genius ways to get people part with their money. Usually if you are unemployed you will find many ads on the internet and newspapers stating that you can earn big bucks per hour while doing almost next to thing and this should already raise a red flag, but when you are desperate to get any job, anything you do in the comfort of your home seems better than actually applying for a job. The same goes for senior citizens who have been duped out of their hard earning savings in terms of millions of dollars. I use to get emails and still do sometimes from Nigerian sources that I have won some money and they need to wire that money to my account and they just need the account number and the related details. I am able to decipher that it is all a scam I delete the email immediately. But some people have actually mailed the money to them without thinking about contacting their local authorities that if it is a scam or just consult somebody before they do that but money is a powerful and irresistible motivation and people's brain freeze when they hear that they can make unusually large amount of money for little of no effort. Another one of the scams which unfortunately I fell for long time ago and have not thankfully have not fallen to yet is the email that you may have seen stating that your account has been suspended and you may have to log in again to get access and they provide you the link. This is the ultimate scam because if you do then you will be led to a site which may look similar but may have been linked to some website outside the U.S. where they can get all your information and make copies of it and sell it at the black market.

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