Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The world of Cubicles

If you are in the corporate world (or were in one) you would have noticed that you were sitting in a cubicle minding your own business and doing your own work. You may not have realized but you spend most of your waking hours in that small area (unless you are an executive with a room then that becomes your world). So in order to make that cubicle homely and less boring, many people try to personalize it with their stuff. Most of us put their families picture frames prominently on their desks so that they can be reminded that they have a family. Some put different souvenirs and some eatables to make it sort of a junk food area sharing with their colleagues.

Since that is your work area, you also put some post-it and reminders and other important papers either nailed or pasted on the walls of the cubicles to remind you of what to do. Some of the people really go overboard and their cubicles look like a hoarder’s area with all sort of stuff and that makes you wonder how they find their important stuff. But to tell you, every cubicle is different depending on the person’s taste and style and it is really a fascinating world that has not be explored to the fullest.

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