Friday, December 17, 2010

Excuses for a Terrorist would be

I am so tired of hearing excuses regarding the home grown terrorists. We always hear that they were not integrated into the society that they succumb to the extremist ideology. We keep on catching these failed terrorists and then we try to find some excuse for their behavior. Is it not the fault of the parents foremost to make sure that their kids does not fall into the wrong crowd or monitor their behavior? There is no excuse in any book of the world, divine or otherwise that says that you have to kill people just because your own mind is screwed up with hatred. If you hate this country so much then why are you availing the opportunities it is offering you.

This is not an Islamic country that the Muslim people want to apply their own laws and rules. You live under the laws of the land whatever they are and if you want to live under Islamic laws, Muslims should go to a country where there are those rules (and by the way there are none where you can live by Islamic or sharia laws no matter what those countries say otherwise). Be thankful that you can live in this country which has freedom of religion without being harassed by the state or other religions otherwise check out the so called Islamic countries where you come from and then you will wake up to thank your new adopted country.

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