Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small government and Republicans

So much for the small government cries from Republicans. They have done it again with the passage of the New Stimulus package putting almost a trillion dollars of our future generations in debt. Is this what they call small government when they keep on increasing the debt while having no program to slash even the principal let alone the interest. Although it was due to the so called “War of Terror” that increased the budget deficit and debt, but it should also be remembered that it came under the Republican Administration. So you can see the picture here that it would be a surprise that you would see a small government in the next two years or even the next administration.

I just believe that it is just a slogan to get the politicians elected, since when they come into power, the realize that it is too hard change dug in habits and also where are they going to make the government small. I have some suggestions but they are all sacred cows like cutting the Medicare and Medicaid and slash the Social Security and reduce the Armed forces and fires tens of thousands of government workers. But since it will not happen unless you are in dire straits (like the British where there is an ongoing hue and cry on the budget cuts), this small government slogan would be just a dream and not a reality.

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