Friday, December 31, 2010

Flying on a plane

I believe that most of the people have flown in a plane, but if you have don’t, it has become more of a pain now than it was say ten to fifteen years ago. This is because of the continued terrorism fears that have evolved into ever-growing array of security measures that are being put into place every time there is a hint of terrorism here in the United States or abroad. Anyway most of the flying starts when the plane departs from the runway but to reach inside the plane are a series of painful steps you have to take. Like checking in with your ticket and weighing your baggage which you don’t want to carry with you making sure they don’t go above a certain weight otherwise you will get charged for the extra weight.

Now you have to get yourself security cleared and that is what is most bothersome (but necessary). Now there are full body scans and body searches individually by the security agent. After you get done with this, then you have to wait in the waiting area to board your plane. If you are alone you can just reading the newspaper or eat something but with a family and kids you have to monitor and be busy all the time so that the kids don’t get bored and start asking the same question again and again, when are we going to go into the plane?

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