Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple ideas behind huge successes

I was just talking to one of my friends the other day discussing how the big companies on the internet and others have very simple and humble beginnings and it really stuck me that it is so true right now. And you just start to wonder why I did not think of that before other people. It is so simple and not terrible unique (if you see it closely). Take for example the growing phenomenon of social network sites. What so unique about it. It is just to connect with your friends and family who are not in your city or your country about their lives, picture and status updates. Other one is about the uploading of self made videos (not so great idea, either). But somebody exploited these ideas and made it into huge success.

Now we come to the real world. Most of the companies just started small, like a corner store or just making something in your house and selling to your neighborhood. They are not even unique, just that there was a need to help out busy people and started a business. It is just that all of these entrepreneurial are taking a risk and not use too much money. All of these were opened on shoe-string budgets and were one or two person operations and now they make millions and billions of dollars per years. The different thing now is that with virtual (or online) business, you can start a business and make millions in less than five years (if you have the right idea). And the ideas may be just as simple as maybe your own frustration with something that you need and then you think that if you are experiencing that frustration, then other people would be having the same anxiety and a business is born.

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