Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Face book firing

Recently there was news all over that one of the persons ranted against the boss of the company and the company fired that person. Many people weighed in on it, some for and some against it. But the matter of fact is that the person should not have done it in the first place. Some companies say that if you are their employee in the workforce and outside of it too, but others have different policies in the workplace and outside it. Anyway I want to emphasize my point here is that particular person should not have put in word or on the internet. In this economy, where the jobs are scarce, this highly publicized case will surely deter other employers to not to hire that person.

Even if you have grievances against your bosses, you can safely say it in a place where you could not be recorded or quoted, but once you put in words especially social network media, you would be damn sure that it will remain there for quite sometime and somebody would report negative comments. Even with all the information about how not to put something negative about any body on the internet, some people make it a habit to do just that and get in trouble for that. So my advice is to stay clear of things which should be harmful or hurtful to somebody unless you are asking for trouble.

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