Monday, December 13, 2010

The California and Britain tuition hike

Recently there was an eight percent tuition hike in California, which was on top of the thirty two percent already approved this year before. Protests started but ultimately it was approved. The same thing has happened in the U.K. where the tuition has been raised to three times the present amount. The protest that happened there became violent and after much debate, it was also approved. I really don’t understand that why did the students think that the education will always be low cost. The years of squandering away the money and promising money that we did not have to government employees and borrowing money to pay for all this when the credit was easy was not going to last long.

It is unfortunate that the students have to suffer for the extravagant of the government, but it was bound to happen and every time there is a recession, education gets the axe. It is easier to raise tuition fees for the students since no matter what there will always be customers for them but also for long, the government had been subsidizing it with and the students were getting used to it so the new increases have come as a shock to them. It is a new reality that the governments around the world have finite resources and out of that they have to allocate it among so many programs that this was bound to happen.

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