Friday, December 17, 2010

The New Wiki leaks

The website Wiki leaks have been in the news lately with releasing sensitive and secret documents about the communications of American diplomats around the world to the State department. Before this it was the Iraqi documents that were leaked and now this. Although all the communications should have been private and the release really shows a serious breach of security. But it does show the true faces of people who confided into these diplomats and the realistic communications that were sent to the State Department. For example what do you make of this fact that of all the talk about the so called Muslim Unity that the Muslims so tirelessly say, one of the most important Muslim countries want the United States to bomb their other Muslim country. It is really a height of hypocrisy.

It is really a fun way to see the true faces of people when they confide to American diplomats and then are getting exposed to the world. Although with this new leaks it would be more difficult for the diplomats to get the true picture of what is going on in the world and also even if they get the true picture, it won’t be sent via cables but will be told face to face so that no leaks whatsoever will come out. It will be more secretive than ever and that is now the sad part of these new wiki leaks, the opposite of what the founder of the website I guess intended.

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