Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Friday mania

It seemed to me that this previous Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving) was not that much hyped. Although I received lots of flyers in my mail, but I did not particularly saw much fanfare regarding it. It may seem that most of the items were already online and people have started to already buy stuff on the web, but also it seems that people are waiting more deals to come after this day. The economy is slowly recovering but people behavior has not judging by the number of people spending money (even if they had to go into debt).

Another thing that I noted is that the discounts and deals were not that great as compared to last time. Maybe it was because the economy was in the dumps last year and retailers were struggling to get their sales up with great deals, but this year they were smart enough to not discount that much. And still people came to buy stuff; it is just that whatever happens to the economy, people minds have been programmed to get the deals even if they don’t have the money. Personally I have never stood in line to buy stuff for hours even if I am very passionate about it. I just got my computer online which was a better deal than even the black Friday deals on various website. So if you are attentive and passionate you can still get that deal without standing in the line for hours and fighting the crowds. Overall I did not find that much passion in this year’s Black Friday than last years.

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