Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dress Code

Wearing a dress for different occasion has always been an obsession for men and women alike. Different occasions demand different dress etiquettes. But here I am talking about the office dress code. It was always been the situation that men had to wear suites and tie (which is business attire) and women were supposed to wear skirts and also pants to work. But the changing business environment has changed much of it. In the late nineties the growth of the internet gave way to young internet entrepreneurs to start wearing casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts or what ever dress that suited them. In this wave the usual private enterprise also got swept away and allowed their employees to be at least business casual (like dress pants and shirts without ties) during the weekdays and on Fridays jeans and other casual dressing.

But after the bust of the internet boom and with the rebirth of the new of the internet business that is no longer the case and businesses are increasing clamping down on casual dress and allowing employees’ only business casual all week long. But still if you want to meet your clients or somebody important or want to attend a meeting, the business dress is still the norm with suites and ties necessary or even mandatory. In some industries it is just that wearing a casual dress would make you the odd man out and then you will feel embarrassed. And as the say dress for success and in interviews it will always be business dress in most of the businesses and industries as that is not a time to make a statement about yourself if you want to land a job.

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