Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The new Census

Every ten years, we have a new census which details how many people live in the United States so that the Government can fund programs in each state according to the population. Also the redistricting of the Congress House of Representatives gets done with the states gaining population get more seats in the House and the ones which are losing population gets their seats reduced. This time around there was no surprise as the census have said that more people are moving to the South and the West and the Northern States are losing their population to those states.

This is the case with New York and New Jersey, two very expensive states to live in are about to lose two and one seat in the House. In the case of New York, there was a promise that the upstate areas would get developed but nothing happened. I have been to upstate NY and it is so empty with lots of cheap land. We can really develop huge number of industries and reduce our deficit, but nobody thinks on this side. The population is also aging very fast with fewer people to replace them. We will see in the next census how the shape of the population would be, but the trend will still be that people would continue to move to sunnier climate and abandon the snowy states leaving them in more misery and less clout and influence in the Congress.

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