Friday, December 31, 2010

Flying on a plane-2

You are checked once again with your boarding pass to see that you are the same person as mentioned and then you go into the plane greeting by a flight attendant and then you have to search for your seats. Now the fun begins, once you are in your seat and your carry on secured in your overhead cabinet, you start to hear about the seat belts and safety procedures and then the flight takes off. Again if you are alone, you can just go to sleep or read a newspaper but if you have kids then these two activities are out of the question (unless you can make them go to sleep). If you have a short flight then you can manage your kids but if it is long one then you have to find activities for them.

In a long flight even with all the activities, the kids will get bored sooner of later (pray that it is later) and then you are really in trouble. Other thing is that since the seats are crammed, there is not much space to play, and if they have to go to the restroom then it is an additional burdensome chore added to your list of others. For eating, you can get some snacks and sodas provided by the airlines or you can buy your own (necessary) before boarding so that you have plenty of it for you and your kids. The best part is that when the pilot announces that you are about the land and that is when your joy (or agony) of flying comes to an end.

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