Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anxiety and fear over china-3

The latest news that people are anxious about it is the high speed rail that they have developed, along with the fastest supercomputer in the world and to the lesser known, the Drone missiles technology and also how the students in shanghai are on top of the world in the studies. Instead of having panic attacks and feeling down on our luck, why don’t we do something about it. We have plenty of talent and land is also plentiful and funding is also there, all we need is that the leaders should have the courage to say that they are going to do it without fighting along party lines.

Now because of the federal debt anxiety, people will be hesitant to go large scale on some of the projects but we can still do it if we can put the right amount of money in the right places and not to spend on frivolous items that we don’t have to spend on. As the old people remember that during the late fifties, there was high anxiety when the Russians send their first person in space and then we went ballistic and send our first man to moon in fewer years and established our supremacy. We can do the same thing and still reduce the debt but we have to take bold measures in order to do that and if are unable to do it than we should not lose our sleep over other countries gaining on us because we may have surrendered our supremacy on a platter.

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