Friday, December 3, 2010

The election results

Now that the elections are over, we have a new landscape of Republicans majority and the Democrats the minority. Like the Republicans in the Clinton era, when they took over the Congress, the Democrats did not learn their lesson and they got high when they won the White House and the Congress and went on a spending spree and then have paid the price. This was not suppose to happen since the American public was tired of the Republicans eight year reign but the Democrats made such a mess that they did not have a choice and throws them out.

It is true that when the Democrats took over, the economy was in a mess but they did not make things better by spending their first year on the so called health care bill and then the humongous stimulus package that was suppose to cure the ills of this recession. It did avert the disaster, but the jobless rate never came down much and the government’s inaction and anti business policies made it much worse. It is also true that if people are happy and content with their lives and jobs, they will want the status quo, but I guess it is never learnt in Washington and the incumbent politicians mess it up and are the target of people’s wrath no matter what their affiliation is. Now here the lesson learnt is the biggest issue facing the American public right now is the economy and if it is not fixed, the next two years of the Democratic presidency does not look good.

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