Friday, December 24, 2010

Do you believe in stars?

If you are many millions and even billions of people, you may have checked your astrological stars once in a while. Although if you have read it, it is completely incomprehensible (at least to me) but some people really follow it very religiously even reading it in the morning before going to do work or chores. Sometimes when you are reading, you feel like it is exactly like you. There are books out there that give a more detailed and overly generalized overview of the stars and sometimes it does make you think and that are exactly what I am. Or if you see it the opposite way, do you feel that what you are exactly fits in one of the stars categories.

But even the more widely used stars like Capricorn, Virgo and cancer to name a few have their counterparts in other cultures where they try to make sense of the world in terms of what and when the stars are aligned at that time. Overall whatever believes you have but there are people out there who take the study of stars too seriously to dismiss this field of study. And anyway almost every newspaper, magazine and even on the internet carries your daily horoscope so that you know what you should do during the day. I am not into this but just an opinion on this popular segment that is available almost everywhere.

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