Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stimulus by any other name

The new tax extension and jobless benefits measure that was passed recently and signed into law should be called Stimulus although politicians are calling it really a save the tax payers day. Although the federal deficit and debt will grow by almost a trillion dollars due to the extension of Bush Era tax cuts and jobless extension benefits but the Republicans are happy that they are doing something for the American public by returning the money what is theirs rightfully anyway. Although the economists wanted to extend did but not for all tax payers due to the ongoing economic problems, but the problem of debt is not going to go away since the battle has been postponed once again for two more years.

For all the rhetoric about the how we cannot afford this or that, the Republican leadership has once again added to the deficit by postponing the inevitable for two more years (till the next Presidential election). Do what you may call it, it is just another name for a back door stimulus and it won’t solve the unemployment problems although it will show that the politicians are doing something for the American people (like throwing more money at the problem and not solving the underlying causes of it).

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