Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Success is nobody’s domain

If you see all around you, you will find success stories that spans across all races and nationalities, this just shows you that no particular race or nationality has a choke hold on success. As long as you are working hard and have the right idea, you can see success in any venture. You have heard stories like how the poor immigrant has come to this country and have made a fortune. The only ingredient is the right environment for achieving that kind of success. Although some people say that luck also counts and it is true but factoring only luck or giving it more weight than hard work is absurd. You work hard and then if you are lucky then success will come to you. It is not the other way around.

America is a land of opportunity and throughout its history has given ample opportunity to its citizens to succeed. That is why it is still a magnet for would be entrepreneurs and other dreams trying to make those dreams into reality since they know that they will not be judged by which race or nationality they belong as long as they are working hard and playing by the rules, success will come to them. It is now very useless to blame the system or other factors for your failure, since it was long time ago that it used to be that way but it has changed and if don’t believe that then you just have to see all around you and see the successful transition people are making in their lives by working hard.

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