Thursday, December 9, 2010

In your face news

I know there are people who try to avoid news deliberately or just don’t have the time, but the news is always out there and even if you don’t want to know about, you hear about it all the time. Even if you shield yourself from the news, your neighbors or maybe your store owner of even some random person standing at the train or bus station may start talking about the most important news of the day and then you can’t help overhearing them and then become curious about it and then want to read it yourself. Take for example, my spouse don’t want to hear anything relating to violence or any other thing that happens to a child (you know what I mean) and I try not to mention it either, but whatever I do she either hears it from her colleague at the office or while flipping channels overhears it on the news and then she gets upset.

How do you believe that we should escape this news onslaught? You can’t unless you are living in a cave and even then you would become curious and want to find out what is happening while you are away. Nowadays the news has become in your face, you can’t escape it even if you want to that is why you see most of the people holding their smart phones logging onto news website or any news which interest them while waiting for their commute or even walking towards their commute. So it is us who want this news always and there is no escaping it.

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