Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creation of a subject

Whenever you open up anything like reading books, newspapers, watching TV, internet or anything that has to do with reading something, the first thing you see is what is the subject. I believe that the Sports writers are the most creative in attracting people to their stories with new words created out of common everyday words and that is how sometimes I am amazed at how they do it. But once again, the subject of the topic is the one that gets people attention. Like all people the subject has to be creative and intriguing enough to compel me to read further or to research further into it.

In the schools and colleges whenever you are assigned to write an essay or a research paper, the teacher wants to know what kind of topic you are going to choose and once you have done it then you have to put a subject heading to it. Even after that the sub-headings in the body of the text is what makes the reader to continue reading. Where I blog, I have to put a subject into my topic interesting enough so that people can click on it and read it further and sometimes it becomes a difficult chore since how many subjects can be created by one person each and every day of the year but I keep on going and so do millions of people who are constantly writing on various topics to attract readers to their stories.

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