Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the lighter side-Travel- Hague, New York-3

The next morning we decided that we should take a hike on the mountain adjacent to where we were staying and it was a steep hike, after a while my wife decided that it was not worth it to go all the way to the top and we came back and took some picture of the scenery around us. It was the day when the daylight savings time kicked in, so the night was going to fall one hour early. Thus we decided that it is better to have a jump start in our commute during the day time.

The major highway was about 20 miles from where we were staying and the roads were desolate and windy so it was very good that we decided to leave early. We took some pictures on our back of the surrounding Adirondack Mountains and it was really very beautiful. And that was the end of our 2 day trip to Lake George. But it was a lovely trip but my main point here is that everything of land was on sale and it was cheap the further inward you travel from the lake. Although I can understand that there are no jobs or big corporations out there to support development. But the land is so cheap that we don’t even have to go outside the United States to outsource our work, we can build factories to create job right here in our own back yard but then it is the question of all that regulations that impede this kind of growth and the high labor costs that is killing our job machine. But if you have a chance, do visit the Lake George Area for vacation.

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