Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unemployment benefits and employment

As I am now full time employment basis, it may not be relevant to my situation. But when I was one of the unemployed, I kept reading different views regarding whether extending unemployment benefits actually help the unemployed or just make them a little bit choosier in finding employment. It depends on different people; some people do indeed become choosier and reject employment which pays less than what they were getting before. But for most of the unemployed, these benefits are a lifeline and help them pay their bills while at the same time frees up time to search for employment and not have to worry about the day to day expenses to that much extent.

But other thing I want to point out is that, for some it is not worth to look for a job when you are getting more from unemployment benefits than the job is offering. Although it is great that somebody does find a job, but do you believe it is not human nature that if you are going to get more by just sitting at home and waiting for a better opportunity than to go to a job that pays less and then to scramble to make up for the little short fall by working two jobs (if you find them) and then regretting that you should have exhausted your full benefits before accepting anything less than the benefits. This is just based on individual situations but the debate is still going on that does benefits keep the unemployment rate unnecessarily high. Stay tuned because there are no clear answers.

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