Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow work

This weekend we were subject to a blizzard and heavy snow where I live. Although I was looking at Europe and thinking how much snow they are getting, and we were having sunny days but my wish came true and we had almost 30 inches of snow in our area. The first day was a no go for work since I don’t have a snow blower and had to shovel myself manually, we don’t have side walks in our town but the driveways are long enough to park four to six cars and that is what we need to shovel if we were to ever go out in our cars. Cleaning the driveways is not enough, since the cars would have to be cleaned of snow. My strategy to clean snow is to clean first the entrance of the house and then the cars and after that the drive ways.

Cleaning the cars are easier since I just start the car and make them run and become warm and that helps in cleaning the snow better. But the worst part is the back of the car since that is where we have to back up and if it is not cleaned then we are stuck. If the weather becomes warm after the snow, it is really a blessing since it melts the snow very fast, otherwise the snow stay hardened and you have to clean with lots of salt. Other thing is that the streets and roads are cleaned by the towns but all the snow gets dumped in front of residences and that makes it harder to remove the additional snow. All in all you are better off with having an electrical snow blower and if you have the money and know how to take care of the gas one, get it.

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