Friday, December 17, 2010

The FBI sting operations

There was another FBI sting operation resulting in the capture (some would say entrapment) of a Muslim Immigrant on terror related charges. Although I don’t know the whole detail of the this news but the scant facts are that he was repeatedly warned that the fake bomb would kill lots of men, women and children but he still wanted to plant that fake bomb and do this part for the global jihad (or the terrorists) network. As with all the sting operations, the Muslims organizations came out and started to criticize these sting operations as it entraps the “innocent” people and it is unconstitutional. But here I really get mad that if you are so innocent why to even go and start participating in some plot to kill people, even after repeatedly been warned that it would do massive harm.

I just believe that this guy was not randomly picked out of nowhere and into the surveillance of FBI and he may have genuinely been ready to die and create mayhem. These sting operations are getting to take a bite out of the terrorists’ network and as I have said countless times before, we are in a war where you have to take preventive measures. And it is useless to criticize to law enforcement people for their tactics when you do have genuinely black sheep in your midst and they should be exposed by the Muslim Community, if they want to have the cloud of suspicious hanging over them lifted.

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