Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The path to being rich

It was time not to long ago that you could only see people with gray hair or older being very rich and that was the case for a long period of time. It was expected that they more years you work, the richer you get. It is still the norm but it is being challenged by a very young generation who has tasted riches while in their twenties and thirties. Now with the advent of the internet, you need not wait for a certain number of years before you taste the success of having more people than the average person. Now if you have the right idea, with hard work and dedication you can achieve your goal of being rich in a couple or maybe within five years and the retirement age factor does not come into play since you can retire as early as forty.

Although in established companies it is still the norm to see people with decades of experience still on the top of the ladder, but increasingly they are being joined by the twenties and thirties who are getting richer with less than a decade of experience in the newest technology. You don’t have to look far for this as the explosion of social media networks and other technological tools and internet websites have made very young people rich and influential. This trend although in the minority would continue to grow as this young generation does not have the patience to toil their time away for a goal to reach to the top which can be elusive to vast majority of people

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