Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fascination with the Royals

Ever since the news came that the British Royals Prince William is going to get married in April of next year, there has been a frenzy of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic. I never got the point of why we (the Americans) are so excited about the royals (especially the British). Do we need a royalty in the United States, the nearest that the media dubbed the royalties were the Kennedys but they also were elected by the people. We as a people got rid of the British mainly due to the royal dictates of the British monarchy and as such never wanted to have one on our side, that is why our people are elected.

I don’t believe it is nostalgia since most of the people were not even born when the United States was under the British Empire; it is just that we need to see some super special couple who happen to be royals. Every time we hear about the royals, it is given prominent news all over the United States. I don’t believe that we would ever have a royalty in this country where you live on the work of other people and become subject to some authority which is from among you and bow to them and believe that they have the divine authority to decide your faith (although British monarchy is just a relic of the past era and it is merely a ceremonial head)

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