Thursday, December 9, 2010

The frustration of unanswerable resumes

I have been as much frustrated with no response when I have sent my resume and so have countless other people. So I have read countless tales where people have said they have sent out hundreds upon hundreds of resumes and there has not been any response. If I were the human resources person, I would have the answer, but since I am not, I can join in your frustration. Some of the human resources who have come out in the open to explain this have said that in this economy, they have been overwhelmed by resumes and other times the resumes do not fit the specific “match”. For these people, we can see a set pattern of excuses, but for the people who have sent out their resumes, a simple automated reply would be at the least a nice gesture.

I know that the Human Resources guys are overwhelmed, but let’s assume they receive one hundred resumes each day. If there is some automated system, they could at least acknowledge that they have received the resume and if I fit into that criteria they will call me (but they never do actually). You can still personalize that reply by your name or title and since every body is working more hours, it does not take hours just to scan the resume and see that if it matches the description of the job and then all it takes for them is to reply. Maybe I am wrong in this case but since I am on the other side of the table ( I WAS), I will definitely want to have a reply. So you never know even the human resources people can be downsized and then they will have to join the numerous frustrated people who are not getting any responses to your sent resumes.

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