Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Present vs. Previous times

I have read a lot of history but never did I think I would put my words out to the world. I believe that the time we are living now is more exciting and free than before. I am not talking about ten or fifteen years ago but hundreds of years ago. I am saying this because when you come upon the history of the world, it was a much violent and authoritarian regime than it is now. I can give you countless examples where the word of the King was the final authority and anybody challenging him would be put to death. Although we are still in war in many countries but most of it is based purely on territorial conquest, before it was mostly religious wars.

You may remember about the crusades and the Spanish inquisition and the Salem witch trials and other wars against non believers. Also the word of the ruler was the law of the land without getting any dissenting vote (unless you want to get your head chopped off). But now with democracy and the advent of the internet and free flow of information, no body is going to take an order lying down unless they have a say or at least their representative have a say in that matter. Also people say that the times were cheap and lives were simple. Although this is true but also the people were not that rich either and people lived in fear of the government forces. I am not sure if I would want to live in that bygone era where the thoughts and minds were controlled and you did not have much choice in your lives.

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