Monday, December 13, 2010

The North Korean Dilemma

What to do with North Korea. That is a million dollar question. They have been belligerent for so many years and with sanctions in place and international pressure on, they don’t really care about it and are an unrecognized nuclear power and threatening our allies in Asia. The United States along with Japan and South Korea have been trying very hard to contain this menace and bring North Korea to the table to dismantle their nuclear program but as long as the Russians and especially the Chinese support them, they would not budge.

The Chinese have a legitimate reason not to do it and we are not looking into that. They don’t want a collapsed regime there with millions of hungry Koreans knocking on the door of china. And furthermore, the Chinese want some thing in return to pressurize the Koreans is that the Americans stay out of their backyard. Another thing is that the Chinese really don’t know in earnest what to do with the North Koreans themselves. The Chinese have helped the North Koreans so much that they have come to rely on them (the Chinese) to bail them out every time things become a little hotter on the international scenery. Maybe they want some attention, every time the Koreans start to fade away from the international scene. There are no easy choices in this case, so this thing keeps on dragging along.

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