Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does college education teach us about entrepreneurship?

Apparently not, unless you are enrolled specifically in that class or you have a major in that. The majority of the business schools just teaches theoretical work and not put much emphasis on how to run the business. They just prepare students on how to get a job and not how to manage a business. Since the politicians keep on emphasizing that most of the jobs are created by small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit should be emphasized, why not teach students how to start businesses by themselves, how to handle employee relationships and government regulations, how to stay competitive and how to cut costs and expenditure and fuel growth in their business, how to generate sales and how to balance their budgets and how to cope with a downturn. Business schools mean business, it does not mean jobs schools.

I know that ultimately some of the students would not want to have a business but to have the necessary skills to help the entrepreneurs run their business. But would it not be nice to include courses that emphasize the creation of business, not on the paper only but encourage them to put their thoughts in action so that they may become business owners and really put their education to use rather than specialize in only one field of their education.

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