Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Tourists

Every body once in their lives may have become tourists. Even if you go to another city, you become a tourist since you don’t know your way (unless you go there often). But usually we call tourists who come from another state or another country. Tourists are helpful to the local economy since they spend generous amount of money on things every thing local and thus support the economy there. In some countries, the revenue from tourism is number one or two in terms of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That is why most of the cities and states and countries that depend on tourism for the majority of their revenues go all out of their way to promote their localities. They advertise, offer special discounts and generally hire people in places where most of the people travel more often. In this case they are chasing the money to come to their areas.

Usually tourists are a give away and you can easily spot them with their cameras and city tour books in their hands, looking at buildings, sometimes talking in a foreign language, standing in one place for longer than necessary etc. I have been a tourist too and so have all you people. It is exciting to see new things but if don’t know your way you have to spend big amounts of money since every thing is expensive when you don’t know how to find the cheaper alternative. And then there is the fear that you are not in the wrong part of town and not become victim to a crime that instead of enjoying your tour, you feel bitter about the whole experience and even the whole place. Overall the tourism experience has to be felt in order to know how it is feels to be a tourist.

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