Thursday, December 30, 2010

The English Language

I have to acknowledge one thing despite all the havoc the English people did around the world (witness the conflict Between India and Pakistan, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, etc) the English were great enough to give the world a unified language called English. Due to them, English is understood and more widely spoken than any other language in the world. The research and development that other nations do have to be translated into English in order for it to have wide acceptance. Most of the college Professor no matter what their language is, knows a little bit of English and even though some people refuse to speak or answer in English have a rudimentary knowledge of the Language.

In addition to the Scientific and the Research part of the Language, we have to cultural part. The French keeps on complaining that the U.S. English language programs are destroying the French language. The English music is popular in the world and so are the newspaper and magazines that are published even in countries where the English is not the primary language. If you go to a foreign country where English is not the first language, you will still sees in the Airport and other tourist destinations where the local language gets translated sometimes only in the English language. It is way easier to converse in English even in broken words than other language since it will be understood by the general public as compared to other languages.

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