Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lunch Time crunch

Every body takes lunch, that is for sure and some take it more religiously than others do. In America there is no one time you can take lunch. Just see it when you are working and it seems like afternoon, you would sees so many people outside lining up outside restaurants and lunch carts that it looks like they have been hungry for days. I have gone out for lunch at 11:30 (not of my choosing) and also after that and I constantly see a horde of people buying their lunch. Eating lunch outside every day is an expensive proposition but making your own food and bringing it to the office maybe the cheapest way to have lunch but after a while you feel like having some outside food to change your taste.

Anyway you see a lot of hustle and bustle going on during lunch time and when you go to your favorite store and stand in line it is another of part of ordering your lunch. You are hungry but you cannot get fast enough to order your food. These restaurants really make a lot of money during these hours and even roadside vendors make a lot of money. You can call lunch time a fun time since it gives a reprieve from your daily work grind.

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