Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to the deficits- some ridiculous suggestions I heard

I was watching television one day and there it was on it on how to reduce the deficit, some of the most ridiculous ideas that I heard was sell the public parks and monuments yielding us nearly 4 trillion dollars. As they said, it will help to balance the budget in the future, but nobody discussed that it is a one time deal and the deficit is going to remain with us for quite sometime. Any way it was one ridiculous idea that is too far fetched and ridiculous to start with. And this I heard from so called experts.

I mean why even think about even selling your national treasures and parks which are priceless to start with. There are so many other ways to reduce the deficit and they had to talk about this one shot deal. Have we really ran out of ideas of how to fix the budget deficit that we are just swinging our arms in the dark trying to catch on any idea that comes to our mind as the ONE which will solve our debt and deficit problem once and for all. These suggestions should be in some comedy show and a serious discussion like this should not be left to some news magazine on so called television news shows.

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