Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halloween trick or treating

This Halloween I went out trick or treating with my daughter and wife. Since I was unemployed then, so I had plenty of time. It was surprising to find children coming out before noon to trick or treat and it was pretty chilly for October. Every kid had a different costume and the goodie bags for kids were full. I wanted to put the basket out but my daughter wanted to hand it out by herself and she did a good job answering every door bell when the kids came to trick or treat. She also had a bag full of candies with her and it was her ultimately that decided that she was done walking around the neighborhood.

I remember the time after the 9/11 attacks that very few kids came out during the first few years, but this time around, it was such a festive mood and so many kids were out there for trick or treating that we kept on giving candies till the fall of dark. It was a good and clean fun for kids before the winter cold comes and everybody has to be inside for a few months.

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